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Recycling Center
Recycling Center
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  Issue #302 - August 2007
Almost everyone has gotten on board with recycling these days. Many communities offer curbside pickup of common recyclables, such as cans, glass, plastics, and paper, or at least have convenient drop-off points for these materials.

That means it’s easy to properly dispose of recyclable materials. What’s tough is finding a place to keep them until it’s time to turn them in, especially if they don’t get collected weekly with the rest of your trash. And recyclables usually have to be sorted, which means you need additional space to divide everything up.
This recycling center solves all those issues. In a compact space, it holds four 12.5-gallon bins that let you keep everything separated. The bins slide out, so they’re easy to access. And the whole center sits on casters to make it easy to move around.

The center is built mainly from white melamine panels, which are good-looking and easy to clean. On top, there’s a solid-pine panel that makes a great worksurface.

One of the best features of this center, though, is how easy it is to build. The whole thing goes together without any fancy joinery, and all the work is accomplished using fairly basic tools. In fact, if you have a budding builder around, it’s a great project to do together.

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