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  Issue #302 - August 2007
Perhaps to appreciate just what a “digital hub” is, you need to think of it as the natural evolution of the desk. As cell phones get smaller, laptop computers replace desktop models, and iPods take the place of CD players, why do we need a full-size desk to dock all this stuff when we finally slow down long enough to recharge their batteries and ours? The answer, in many cases, is that we don’t. So the digital hub is a perfect solution.

Considering those electronic devices I just listed, what do they all have in common? Portability. So when you’re
on the go, the hub folds up out of the way. But on those occasions when you do need to stand still long enough to pay a bill, answer an email, or just grab the latest headlines from the internet, the front of the hub folds down to offer a convenient, compact work area. And by mounting the hub at bar height, you can use it comfortably while standing or sitting on a stool.

Then, at the end of each day, the hub provides the perfect cubby to store and recharge all your gadgets. A power strip hidden behind the frosted doors provides plenty of plug-ins. And a removable corkboard in the back of the hub hides all of the inevitable wires.

Download complete plans and more in-depth instructions at the link above when you’re ready to build your very own hub.

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