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A Home for Crafts and Hobbies
A Home for Crafts and Hobbies
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Family Activity Center

Issue #312 - April 2009
A family’s crafts and hobbies can take up a substantial amount of space in the home. Whether family members spend their time sewing, building models, scrapbooking, or doing homework, they all need some room to spread out. Those activities are often relegated to the dining room table or the desk in a home office, which isn’t a problem — until the spaces are needed for something else. Then it’s a hassle to move all of the supplies and find a place to store them.

When juggling storage and hobby work stations becomes an issue for your family, this activity room is the perfect solution. It eliminates the problem of finding space for everyone’s hobbies and keeps supplies from cluttering other areas.

One of the best aspects of this project is that it’s mostly made from budget-conscious components and supplies. The cabinets we used are just unfinished stock cabinets purchased from a home center, and the work surfaces are made from inexpensive MDF.

You may think you don’t have the space for this practical activity room in your home, but you probably have more options than you realize. Spare bedrooms and bonus rooms above garages are good candidates for an activity room makeover. You could also convert an underused portion of your basement, which would provide the perfect excuse to get started on a basement finishing project.
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