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10 Simple Steps to a Metallic Glaze Masterpiece
Metallic Glaze
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Metallic Wall Glaze
  Issue #299 - February 2007
Many old masters worked in metals to create their masterpieces. They employed elaborate tools and nearly mystic techniques to shape bronze, copper, silver, and gold into works that are as breathtaking today as when they first sprang from molds centuries ago.

Now imagine being able to apply the same coveted qualities of those metals to any wall in your home. The tools are much simpler: a seamless paint roller, a cloth rag, painter’s tape, and white chalk. Likewise, the skill
required can be cultivated in moments rather than decades. And while you won’t technically be working with metals, you will be using a collection of glazes that are formulated to simulate the color and texture of desirable metals.

Like all glazes, these are transluscent, which simply means they allow the color underneath to show through. This also means that the base coat is just as integral to the technique as the glazes. For this project, we chose Benjamin Moore’s “Yukon Sky,”. This vivid, blue-violet color, once washed in layers of glaze, hints at a steely blue that completes the illusion of metallic blocks.

The blocks themselves are where the real artistry begins. By first designing the blocks on a scale drawing of your wall, and then transferring that design to the wall itself using chalk and painter’s tape, you can easily create your own art work that will be framed by everything else in the room.
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