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Issue #296 - August 2006
No-Pain Window "Panels"
An easy way to create the look of individual glass "panes" is to add muntins to the inside and the outside of a window. These are 3/8" x 1-1/8" wood strips with the ends beveled to fit against the window sash.
Automotive Tape We attached the muntins with a special automotive tape used for adhering trim to cars, this weatherproof tape is available at auto parts stores. It's super-sticky, so be sure the muntins are positioned correctly as you press them into place. To ensure accuracy, we laid out the muntin locations with the blue masking tape shown in the photo above.
Muntin Bar Layout
Figure 1
1] Using a tape width that matches the width of the muntin bars, apply masking tape where you want to locate muntins.
Figure 2
2] Apply additional strips of masking tape along the edges of the tape applied in the previous step. Then remove the tape from Step 1.
Figure 3
3] Affix automotive tape to the back of the muntin bars, and apply the muntins where you laid out the locations with tape in the first step.
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