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Issue #275 - January 2003
ARTICLE: Adjustable Light Shop Cart
Cutting Diagram
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Shop Cart Shop Cart
Here’s a bright idea - a simple shop cart with an adjustable light and quick, easy access to supplies. A cart is a handy thing to have around the shop. You can put tools and supplies on it, roll it up next to the project you’re working on, or use it as a light-duty benchtop. In short, it’s a great shop helper. That’s not to say you can’t improve on a good thing. The shop cart shown in the photo at right is a good example.
Adjustable Light. To shine light right where you need it, the cart has a tall “mast” with an adjustable worklight.The light is secured to a support arm that you can slide up and down the mast. Lowering the arm, lets you shine light at a low, raking angle. That makes it ideal for seeing small irregularities as you sand or apply a finish. To illuminate a larger area, just raise the arm like a flag on a pole.

Support & Storage. The worklight is just one of the bright spots on this versatile cart. You can quickly remove the light and use the arm as a stock support. For storage, simply remove the mast and roll the cart under a table saw.
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